Wonderful WINS at New Life!

We want to share some exciting WINS from all our teams at New Life! No matter where we serve, each important ministry is one piece of a great TEAM, so each team member at New Life is part of these great WINS! Stuff like this only happens when we all serve together with the big picture in mind!

– This past Sunday two guests made decisions for Jesus! This is the biggest win of all!

– Many reports on the impact of NextGen Pastor Dean’s message!

– See the report on Carl Brocks- http://kokomoperspective.com/kp/lifestyles/rising-out-of-homelessness/article_f9f19e2c-47db-11e8-99be-a78689e0349c.html – Carl recommitted his life last year – has been baptized – completed Growth Track & serves on our Hospitality & Communion Dream Teams! HUGE WIN!

– Caleb & Shelby – recent attenders – competed Growth Track- now part of Student Ministry Leadership Team & Shelby’s mom came Sunday!

– Ryan & Tara – recent attendees & recommItments – completed Growth Track – ready to get married & use their gifts on Dream Teams!

– House Church – Young Adult ministry led by Worship Pastor Seth & Kaitlyn – two recent meetings & off to a great start!

– Building Dream Teams – making the outside & inside of our campus look fantastic! Planters at main doors look great & are so welcoming!

– Spotify music playlist – people are loving listening to the New Life Church Spotify playlist of our current worship songs! Sign up & worship thru the week! Encourage your teams to do the same! https://open.spotify.com/user/wof3cktzuz84htvixua0ealgj/playlist/5DgksY4IRgtRd5TKMojDwl?si=2WI5vjk4T5u7np6QCkYUqA

– Upward couple of 7 years – recently made commitments to Jesus – completed Growth Track Sunday & looking for their Next Step of connection!

There is so much more! These are just from this past week – and each ministry and team member is a part of each WIN! God is up to something at New Life!

Stay positive! Stay encouraged! If you thInk you don’t see something happening where you are, something IS happening beneath the surface!

For all generations!