Make the Connection

You can read the Bible and come to the idea that God is not thinking so much about His found kids as He is distracted by His lost kids. 

In the Gospel of Luke chapter 15 Jesus tells stories about lost things: a lost coin, a lost sheep, and a lost son. All three times the story ends the same say. He leaves the one He has found to find the one that’s lost. That’s how He feels! 

If you have ever lost something, you understand this. If you are a parent, have you ever lost a child? You are in the mall with your kids, you turn around and one is gone. This happened to us once. We freaked out! It turned out that our little daughter was hiding among some dresses in the dress racks, but for a few minutes there we were so concerned and our entire focus was on finding her – NOW! 

I believe this is a window into how God feels. When people don’t know Him, something that He loves is lost and missing. He made it very clear in Scripture that He wants those who are already following Him to reach out for His lost kids. He says if we do, He will be with us always (Matthew 28:19,20). 

If you have four kids and you lose one, do you think, “No problem! I’ve got three more!” I don’t think so! What if one of the remaining kids comes to you complaining about not having dinner yet, or wanting ice cream, or to go to the toy store, when you’re still looking for your lost child? 

Think of how our prayers must sound to God sometimes. Are we praying for His lost kids to be found? Are we involved in helping Him to find them? Or are we only concerned for the things we desire? 

Since bringing people who are far from God to come to know Him is the priority reason why Jesus came and was brutally mutilated and crucified on a cross, it must be the priority of the church. 

Once we connect with people in this way, we need to get them connected with others that will strengthen their lives as they follow Christ. In these relationships people can connect with others, protect each other, and grow together. 

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