The Student Ministry of New Life Church
NLC Students is where it all begins. Every Wednesday night @ 7pm, we meet together as family to connect with our friends, & have a life-giving discussion to help us deal with life according to Biblical principles. Our goal each & every week is to create an opportunity for students to belong, believe & become more than what our culture says they can be. We also participate in a Kokomo Area Student Worship Encounter with other Student Ministries the first Sunday each month at 6 p.m.

So as long as you are a teenager between the 6th & 12th grade.  This is a place where you are welcome. Some people think you have to have your life together to walk into a church, but you’ll find that at NLC Students, there are no perfect people here. We are all flawed. If you want a place where you don’t have to wear a mask & can be loved, we hope that you’ll find a home & a family here.  This is your place.

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to build relationships, but that is the goal. Keep at it. We don’t want you to come & go. We want you to belong. Before long, you’ll adopt the Storm Front culture & understand your purpose for life. You will learn what it means to walk with God.  It’s a journey. Come join us!
Thank you for all your support and love for our students!  Here is a recap of what our students experienced at their Motion Conference Weekend.