Sermon Videos
It’s the start of a new year! This page has all the videos from this year alone. If you want to check out more videos of previous messages, head to our VIMEO page.
January 2019

Recover Your Life: Pt. 1

Recover Your Life

Recover Your Life: Pt. 2

Real Rest

Recover Your Life: Pt. 3

Catch Your Breath

Recover Your Life: Pt. 4

Rhythms of Rest
February 2019

Standing Firm in Love Pt. 1

Grace and Truth

Standing Firm in Love Pt. 2

Changing Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Standing Firm in Love Pt. 3

Living a Stand Up Life in a Bow Down World
March 2019 
Reclaiming God’s Purpose Pt 1
Good Choices in Hard Times

Reclaiming God’s Purpose Pt 2

How Does This Happen?

Reclaiming God’s Purpose Pt 3

Getting in Line

Reclaiming God’s Purpose Pt 4

The Big Payoff
April 2019

Healing for the Wounded Pt.1

Healing for the Wounded

Healing for the Wounded Pt.2

Be a Part of the Healing

Healing for the Wounded Pt.3

Healing for the Vulnerable


The Ultimate Mic Drop
May 2019
Healing for the Wounded Pt.4
Get Grace in Your Bones

Healing for the Wounded Pt. 5

My Chains are Gone!

Stand Alone

What to Look for – Mother’s Day

Healing for the Wounded Pt. 6

I Get by with a Little Help for My Friends

Stand Alone – Memorial Day

Reasons to Remember
June 2019

Why? Pt. 1

To Build the Church

Why? Pt. 2

For Those Who Don’t Know

Why? Pt. 3

For the One
Why? Pt. 4