Sermon Messages

This year has been amazing! This page has all the sermons from this year alone. If you would like to check out more videos, head over to our Vimeo page for highlights, promos and previous messages.
Influence Part 1:
The Greatest Example
Influence Part 2:
It’s a Control Issue
Influence Part 3:
When Crisis Hits
Influence Part 4:
Old School
Speak Life Part 1:
…To Your Family
Speak Life Part 2:
…Into Every Situation
Speak Life Part 3:
How Can I Bless God?
Tough Love Part 1:
Goals for a Mature Ministry
Tough Love Part 2:
Hard Commitments
Tough Love Part 3:
Growing in Spiritual Strength
Tough Love Part 4:
A Finale to Remember

More Than Extravagant Part 1:

A Fresh Start
More Than Extravagant Part 2:
Rise Above
More Than Extravagant Part 3:
Dramatic Change
More Than Extravagant Part 4:
The Joy of Generosity
More Than Extravagant Part 5:
The Gross Generostic Product
Relentless Part 1:
It’s Complicated
Relentless Part 2:
Middle of the Road
Relentless Part 3:
The Proof
Relentless Part 4:
True Grit
Surrender to Freedom Part 5:
The Together Requirement
Surrender to Freedom Part 6:
The Greatest Treasure
Surrender to Freedom Part 7:
It Sets Us Apart
Surrender to Freedom Part 1:
Surrender to Freedom
Surrender to Freedom Part 2:
Resistance is Futile
For the Win!
Surrender to Freedom Part 3:
Surrender to Freedom Part 4:
From Panic to Provision
Faith at Home
Steps to Freedom Part 1:
God’s Got a Plan
Steps to Freedom Part 2:
Time to Act
Steps to Freedom Part 3:
Accept the Call
Steps to Freedom Part 4:
Just Do It!
Four Cups Part 1 :
Set Apart
It Only Takes One
Four Cups Part 2:
Freedom Beyond Forgiveness
Four Cups Part 3:
Design Reveals Destiny
Four Cups Part 4:
Livin’ the Dream
 New Year’s Eve: Today
Vision Part 1:
How Do We See?
Vision Part 2:
Two-Way Prayer
VisionPart 3:
God’s Vision for New Life
VisionPart 4:
Pass the Baton
The Portrait of