Problems are Opportunities!

In the Gospel of John chapter 8 Jesus says, “I am the light of the world.” In John chapter 9, He meets a man born blind, heals him of his physical blindness, then deals with the spiritual blindness of the leaders of His people. 

A lot of people have to deal with blindness and it is obviously a difficult problem that people have to deal with – both physical and spiritual blindness. But through this man’s problem, and the conversations that took place around his problem, we learn that there are opportunities in every problem! 

First, this man’s disability gave an opportunity to show Jesus’ power.

I have known people to struggle with all kinds of difficulties – some have received healing and some have not – but in every situation, even in those where the problem remains, they have an opportunity to show Jesus’ power in the midst of the circumstance. 

Second, there is an opportunity tell of Jesus’ power.

When the blind man was healed, people asked questions. He was able to tell them about this One who had done for Him what no one else could do. Take advantage of your problems to tell others of Jesus’ power that helps you through the struggle. 

Third, there was an opportunity for a decision.

Once people hear about Jesus and what He can do, they have to decide if they believe what the Bible says about Him and what He says about Himself. What is your decision? 

This leads to the fourth opportunity – the opportunity to believe.

 I have seen people who believe in what Jesus can do, but they don’t believe IN Jesus. Meaning, they don’t put their full trust in Jesus for their eternal life. They don’t live for Him. They just come to Him when they have a need. Do you believe IN Jesus? Is your full trust in Him for every aspect of your life, not just what you perceive as your current needs? 

Fifth, there was an opportunity to worship.

This formerly blind man did not worship Jesus simply because He was healed. He worshiped Jesus after He came to full faith in who Jesus is – He is God Almighty who came to earth as a man, took God’s punishment for all humanity’s sins, rose from the dead and ascended back to heaven as the All-powerful One. When you come to believe in Him in that way, you will worship! 
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